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The Forum’s purpose is to position stewardship at the heart of investment decision-making by facilitating dialogue, creating long-term solutions and enhancing value.

The Forum has two core objectives

Make The Case For Long-term Investment Approaches.
Make the case for long-term investment approaches.
Create An Effective Model For Collective Engagement With UK Companies.
Create an effective model for collective engagement with UK companies.

Enhancing the practice of stewardship

Our approach is:

  • Value-driven: we base collective engagement on economic rationale
  • Discreet: we avoid unnecessary public confrontation
  • Safe: we limit the legal and regulatory risks
  • Constructive: we identify solutions
  • Methodical: we have a consistent and robust process
  • Best practice: we seek to enhance stewardship by investors and boards alike

We help investors:

  • Realise long-term benefits for their clients
  • Maximise their return on engagement effort
  • Be confident that collective engagements will be safe, secure and discreet
  • Demonstrate their commitment to stewardship activities to all stakeholders
  • Contribute to the long-term success of UK-listed companies for the benefit of the broader economy
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