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Collective Engagement


To facilitate collective engagement between institutional investors and UK-listed companies


The Forum consults with Members to understand their concerns, identify key issues and develop constructive solutions.

The Collective Engagement Framework is designed to create a safe and secure environment in which to facilitate collective engagement.

The Forum engages with company boards to amplify and re-inforce the key messages from their shareholders.

The Forum acts as a trusted facilitator for its Members.

The Investor Forum’s Role

The Forum operates a bilateral “hub & spoke” model to facilitate communication between the Forum and the Members involved in an engagement.

The decision on whether or not to formally initiate an Engagement will follow a prescribed process, as set out below. Any Members of the Forum may propose an Engagement which will be evaluated by the Executive against key criteria, including consistency with Forum principles, prospect of support from among the largest shareholders and a safe and secure environment.

Once the Forum has determined that a proposed Engagement is consistent with the criteria above, it will undertake a consultation with the major shareholders of the Company to determine the level of Member support for the proposed Engagement.

After consultation with members, and taking note of any particular risks which could require heightened  procedures, the Forum will decide whether or not to proceed with the proposed Engagement.

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