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What companies can expect from the Investor Forum

  • No shareholder support, no engagement: shareholders escalate their concerns to the Forum and we only proceed with a critical mass of support  
  • Focused on value creation not box ticking: tests apply before proceeding – engagement is grounded in economic rationale, a long-term focus and constructive solutions
  • Comprehensive engagement strategy and mandatewe will have spoken with the portfolio managers, sector analysts and governance professionals to understand their views
  • Agreed way forwardthe views we convey are agreed by all engagement participants
  • Ongoing interaction: up-to-date views from participants. Participants are aware if the company is unwilling to engage positively with the Forum
  • No intention to supersede direct engagementwe encourage participants to continue their individual interactions with the company
  • Discretion: dialogue with the company is confidential to participants, although public escalation strategies may be considered when appropriate
  • Transparency: after closing, we report on the engagement at a high level in order to demonstrate our stewardship activity

What we expect from companies:

  • Approach the engagement with an open mind: shareholders have seen value in participating in collective engagement under the auspices of the Forum, and we would expect a company to respect the role of the Forum in amplifying shareholder views in pursuit of a constructive dialogue  
  • No inside informationthe Forum actively seeks to avoid obtaining inside information from companies without our prior consent
  • Board level participationthe approach is constructive, with the aim of helping the company to understand the range of participants’ views and any obstacles to realising the company’s long-term potential  
  • A comprehensive plan to build confidence: we seek outcomes that enhance the value of the franchise for the benefit of all stakeholders
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