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Since inception, the Investor Forum has received extensive pro bono support from a number of leading law firms, providing assistance in establishing the Forum’s legal and governance structure and documentation. The Forum’s Legal Panel played a key role in helping the Forum devise its operating procedures in order to create a safe and secure legal and regulatory environment in which to undertake collective engagement.

The Legal Panel continues to perform an invaluable role in the Forum’s operations. They are available to assist the Forum in adapting its practices to any changes in the legal and regulatory environment. They are also available for “no names” discussions of topics which may arise in company engagements, in order to help the Forum decide whether heightened procedures or professional advice might be required. For the Forum’s Members, the Panel has also made itself available for workshops on legal and compliance issues which could impact investor stewardship activities.

The full framework is available to Members and is regularly reviewed. See recent review here.

A summary version is publically available. Please view here.

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