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Members of the Forum can propose an Engagement with a UK-listed company.

Any UK-listed company can also propose an Engagement.

  • The Forum evaluates whether there is sufficient support among shareholders for engagement.
Consultation With Members
Consultation with Members
  • After consultation a decision is taken whether or not to proceed.
Engagement Invitation
Engagement Invitation
  • Members are approached to determine if they would like to participate.
  • Selected Non-Members may also be approached.
Developing An Engagement Strategy
Developing an Engagement Strategy
  • The team work on a bilateral basis with engagement participants to develop a strategy.
Engagement With The Company
Engagement with the company
  • Is typically undertaken by the Executive in a constructive and confidential manner.
  • If necessary, escalation strategies are considered, and agreed, with engagement participants. In rare circumstances this could involve public communications.
  • Engagements are monitored for consistency with the Forum’s principles and Code of Conduct and with the objective of maintaining a safe and secure environment.
  • Heightened procedures can be invoked if necessary.
Conclusion Of An Engagement
Conclusion of an Engagement
  • An engagement is closed if members agree that the objectives have been achieved, if it is determined that they are unlikely to be achieved, or if there is no longer sufficient Member support to pursue the Engagement.
  • The Forum undertakes a review of each Engagement to understand better the reasons for success and failure and the lessons learned.
  • Details of completed engagements are made public in the Investor Forum Annual Review (after a suitable time period) to contribute to the wider discussion of stewardship and corporate governance.
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