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Stewardship 360 Engagement

In the collective engagements that we have facilitated, we have seen a number of instances where the pursuit of short-term targets has created a series of incentives and short-cuts that undermined the long-term health of a company.

As the ultimate owners of companies, investors have an important role to play in encouraging boards and management teams to adopt high standards and deliver sustainable businesses which can create valuable long-term value.

The Forum supports its Members in identifying value drivers, highlighting best practice and, where necessary, calling out poor behaviour.

The Objectives of S-360 Engagement

  • Investigate issues that may arise in the course of a company specific engagement which have broader relevance.
  • Identify relevant experts that can inform investors and to help enhance discussion of key issues with companies.
  • Create bespoke events and agendas to enable Members to engage collectively with key company executives and other stakeholders.

S-360 engagement projects & workshops

  • Key issue engagements – The Investor Forum undertakes research and provides practical observations on issues that emerge from company collective engagements (for example: working practices in the apparel industry).
  • Long-term franchise value engagements – focus on projects that support long term investment approaches (for example: BankingFutures).
  • Stakeholder engagements – events that help to position stewardship at the heart of investment decision-making (for example: Engagement Dialogue – Chair & Investor round tables).
  • S-360 Workshops – The Investor Forum periodically organises workshops and meetings to share best practice and develop investor understanding of important issues (for example: Market Abuse Regulation)
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