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The Forum’s interest is in how academic work on purpose can be put to use to help boards frame long-term strategy and investors support the creation of sustainable long-term value.

Voting Transparency

Stewardship encompasses more than voting, but the voting of shares is an important mechanism for shareholders to express their views and exercise their rights. Yet investors and companies still encounter many obstacles in obtaining and providing voting transparency in the UK.


A series of events and briefing notes to consider the impact of COVID-19 on 2020 financial reporting and key areas of concern, including going concern and viability.

Capital Raising

Briefing notes and discussions with expert speakers on the issues associated with capital raising during the pandemic in 2020. This project illustrates how collaborative work can promote best practice.

Working Practices: Construction Sector

This Stewardship 360 project builds on the work we have done with Members in the apparel and food retail sectors. We are now focusing on working practices in the construction industry including the home builders, building materials and infrastructure companies.
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