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As of June 2022, the Forum has 56 Full Members, representing approximately 34.2 % of the FTSE All Share market capitalisation.

  • Large firms
  • Boutique firms
  • Asset owners
  • UK institutions
  • International


*Plus one asset owner Member who has opted to remain anonymous


Membership of the Investor Forum represents a clear signal of an investor’s commitment to world-class stewardship. The Forum offers an effective mechanism for constructive dialogue with UK-listed companies on long-term strategic issues.

Full membership of the Forum is open to institutional investors in UK-listed companies, irrespective of where that investor is domiciled. We welcome both asset managers and asset owners. For further information, please contact our Membership Team.

Membership in the Forum provides:

  • A secure and safe environment for collective engagement
  • An effective escalation mechanism
  • A focus on creating solutions and enhancing long-term value
  • Tangible evidence of commitment to high quality stewardship
  • Evidence of a long-term investment approach

What makes the Investor Forum different?

  • Independent, not-for-profit organisation
  • Member-led engagement initiatives by a wide range of UK and international investors
  • A highly experienced team of investment professionals
  • Pro-bono support from a Legal Panel to promote a safe and secure environment

Members can nominate companies for collective engagement and can participate in the full range of our activities:

  • Company-Specific Collective Engagement
  • Facilitate Dialogue
  • Stewardship 360 activities and reports

How do I become a Member of the Investor Forum?

To be eligible for admission as a Full Member, an investor must be either an institutional asset owner or asset manager with investments in UK companies. Admission to Membership is at the absolute discretion of the Executive. Members are required to pay an annual membership fee.

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