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Investor Forum publications – sharing stewardship insights and thought leadership through White Papers, Annual Reviews and S360 Project materials.

White Papers share views, insights and best practice guidance for asset owners and asset managers on stewardship, company engagement and corporate governance

Stakeholder Capitalism

January 2022
Working with LBS Centre for Corporate Governance, the Investor Forum brought together academics with practitioners to address the issue of taking greater account of stakeholder concerns and creating a sustainable shareholder value model to guide legitimate investor action.

Governing for Growth

June 2021
A practical guide to best practice in the evolution of governance at smaller and mid-sized companies on public markets.

Engaging the Engagers

July 2020
A practical toolkit to help pension schemes identify best-in-class stewardship and engagement capabilities at asset managers.

Engagement : An essential stewardship capability

November 2019
Clear definitions of the different forms of engagement activity, including collective engagement, and key success factors for each category of engagement.

The Four Dialogues

June 2019
Insights into the four main types of dialogue between companies and investors and thoughts on how interactions could be enhanced.

Defining Stewardship and Engagement

April 2019
Setting out the key characteristics of good stewardship and the desired outcomes of effective engagement.

Barriers to engagement

December 2018
Analysis of the blockages to engagement between investors and companies.


Voting is an important mechanism for shareholders to exercise their rights, but investors and companies encounter many obstacles in obtaining voting transparency in the UK and Ireland.

Marine Plastic Pollution

The Forum brought together nine investors to co-sponsor a BSI technical standard which aims to change corporate behaviour to eliminate plastic pellet leakage into the environment.


The Forum’s interest is in how academic work on purpose can be put to use to help boards frame long-term strategy and investors support the creation of sustainable long-term value.

Working Practices

The Forum’s Working Practices project has considered labour market abuse in the textile supply chain, working practices in food retailers and their suppliers, and working practices in the construction industry.


A series of events and briefing notes to consider the impact of COVID-19 on 2020 financial reporting and key areas of concern, including going concern and viability.

Capital Raising

Briefing notes and discussions with expert speakers on the issues associated with capital raising during the pandemic in 2020. This project illustrates how collaborative work can promote best practice.

Banking Futures

As part of the Investor Forum’s objective to make the case for long-term investment approaches, we have played an active role in the BankingFutures project, which was convened by two not-for-profit organisations, Leaders’ Quest and Meteos, in the summer of 2014 to rebuild a healthy UK Banking Sector.

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