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Project Scope

Stewardship encompasses more than voting, but the voting of shares is an important mechanism for shareholders to express their views and exercise their rights. Yet investors and companies still encounter many obstacles in obtaining and providing voting transparency in the UK.

With increased focus on voting accountability in the UK Stewardship Code 2020 and pension regulations, stakeholders are likely to be incentivised to devise solutions to long-standing problems.  Our objective was to help investors understand on-going legal, regulatory and policy interventions as well as new technological solutions so they can work to drive forward effective solutions

Key Activities

In first half of 2020 we reviewed the topic, met with experts and policymakers and held a Workshop for Members.  In the second half of the year we reviewed SRD II legislation and the Law Commission’s report, publishing an update in December.

Investor Forum Briefing notes

The Forum prepared a background briefing note in June and an update in December, both of which can be accessed via the links (above right).

Additional Information

Our June note included an extensive list of background materials and further reading.  Our December update note contains links to recent legislation and other materials on voting topics. We have also provided a link to a presentation by the technology provider Proxymity (above right).

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